Doctoral Supervision/Co-supervision

Current Students

1 B Dao Social Media as Sensor for Healthcare: A Machine Learning Approach
2 P Vellanki Applied Machine Learning for Personalized Early Intervention in Autism
3 I Kamkar An Investigation into Deep Learning for Medical Data Analysis
4 A Beyki Knowledge Discovery in Social Media for Mental Care: A Case Study with Autism
5 TB Nguyen Learning Physiological Signals for Pervasive Healthcare: a Machine Learning Approach
6 V Huynh Scalable Bayesian Learning for Correlated Data Sources
7 S Gopakumar Leveraging Side Information to Improve Clinical Prediction Models
8 T Joy Bayesian Optimization for Sequential Experiment Design
9 T Pham Deep Learning for Healthcare
10 T Nguyen A statistical model for healthcare analysis and clinical prediction
11 D Nguyen Discovery of contrast, relational and temporal information in medical data

Past Students

1 TV Nguyen Bayesian Nonparametric Multilevel Modelling and Applications 2015
2 TC Nguyen Bayesian Nonparametric Learning of Contexts and Activities from Pervasive Signals 2015
3 TD Nguyen Structured Representation Learning from Complex Data 2015
4 C Li Exploiting Side Information in Bayesian Nonparametric Models and their Applications 2015
5 SK Gupta Unsupervised Modeling of Multiple Data Sources : A Latent Shared Subspace Approach 2011
6 B Saha Anomaly Detection in Large Scale Data-streams 2010
7 S Rana Multilinear Analysis of Face Image Ensembles 2010
8 T Khnapfel Audio Networks for Speech Enhancement and Indexing 2010
9 A Kuhl Model Based Methods for Locating, Enhancing and Recognising Law Resolution Objects in Video 2010
10 W Leoputra Video Foreground Extraction for Mobile Camera Platforms 2009
11 A Ghanem Probabilistic Models for Mining Imbalanced Relational Data 2009
12 TT Tran On conditional random fields: Applications, feature selection, parameter estimation and hierarchical modelling 2008
13 TVT Duong Efficient duration modelling in the hierarchical hidden semi-Markov models and their applications 2008
14 S Lühr Techniques for discovery of anomalous human behaviour in intelligent environments 2006
15 P Peursum Using human activity to indirectly recognise objects in indoor wide-angle scenes 2005
16 DQ Phung Probabilistic and film grammar based methods for video content understanding 2005
17 BT Truong An investigation into structural and expressive elements in film 2004
18 N Nguyen Recognising human behaviours in complex environments 2004
19 S Moncrieff Computational approaches for the extraction of semantics through film audio 2004
20 W Lau An investigation into enhancing proxy services for caching continuous media in best-effort network environments 2002
21 B Adams Mapping the semantic landscape of film: Computational extraction of indices through film grammar 2002
22 J Tuah Performance modelling of caching and pre-fetching for information access in distributed systems 2000
23 R Keith-Magee Learning and Development in Kohonen Style Self organising Maps 2000
24 M Lazarescu Incremental Learning for Querying Multimodal Symbolic data 1999
25 R Hosie The classification, learning and detection of events from surveillance data 1999
26 K Weber Visually guided autonomous robot navigation, an insect based approach 1999
27 H Bui An approach to coordinating team of agents under incomplete information 1998
28 K Shearer Indexing and retrieval of video using spatial reasoning techniques 1998
29 F L Lim Investigation into complex log-polar mapping in a spatially variant active vision system 1998
30 T Travers Interval based qualitative spatial reasoning 1998
31 T Ly Hiding and search in adversarial domains 1997
32 P Lam An investigation into using function based primitives and active vision for hypothesis refinement 1996
33 M Robey An investigation into the applicability of physical modelling techniques in aiding 3D object recognition 1995
34 M Kisowro Investigation into subpixel precision feature detection and extraction 1993