Research Grants

For a full list of grants, refer to the detailed CV

2017-2020 Advanced manufacturing of new high entropy alloys, AISF Grant $995,000
2015-2017 STAY WELL: Analysing lifestyle data from smart monitoring devices, ARC DISCOVERY PROJECT $384,700
2014-2017 Tools for Early Intervention in Autistic Children, ARC Linkage, Partner Autism West Support Incorporated $375,000
2014 Bioinformatics Collaborative Grants Program

Towards a real time data sharing to support patient-centred care, quality health delivery, improvement programmes, performance management and research

2013 Computational infrastructure for machine learning in computer vision $210,000
2012-2015 Robust and scalable change detection in geo-spatial data, ARC

Linkage Partners : Nearmap Pty Ltd; Western Australia Police; City of Armadale

2011-2013 Assistive technologies for autism support harnessing social media, ARC Linkage

Linkage Partner: Autism West

2011-2013 Computational tools to analyse and exploit the social media revolution, ARC Discovery $290,000
2010 Accelerating Australia’s large-scale video surveillance research programmes, ARC Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities $280,000
2010-2012 Surviving the data Deluge: Scalable feature extraction, discrimination and analysis for computer vision tasks using compressed sensed data

ARC Discovery

2008-2011 Collaborative Virtual Observation in Dynamic Environments, NSF Award $336,817
2007-2011 Centre of Excellence- Emedicine (with partners from UWA and LEI) $500,000
2008-2011 Smart technologies for people with vision impairment and blindness, ARC Linkage $483,398
2008-2011 Intelligent Security in Urban Spaces, ARC Linkage $625,000
2007-2009 Taming media for the masses: Computational frameworks for intelligent digital media capture, management and sharing, ARC Discovery $360,000
2005-2008 DTI Funding $210,000
2005-2008 Intelligent Surveillance Systems for the Transport Industry, ARC Linkage $747,000